Saturday, June 28, 2008

eleven years together - june 14

After eleven years together we look so happy don't we?
The truth is that we are mostly happy, although we disagree regularly, argue viciously, and rarely manage to talk to each other. The fact is that we are both prideful, stubborn and selfish.
AND, we love each other. Despite all of that, there is love . We trudge on, through the muck and there is still love.
It seems like that has become our definition of happiness. A place where you can still come out loving each other, even though you've been shitty to each other.
So, we wish ourselves happily ever after...

bagel walk

Oh, how I love my chocolate chip bagel with peanut butter It' s a favorite comfort food of mine. I wanted to get an active outing in this morning with the kiddos.
And, I needed the comfort because Mike left for a four day trip and I'll be saying goodbye to Matt, Missy, Ethan and Andrea alone. So, it was a good start to this time alone.
It went from relaxing to challenging once we started to get rained on, but it was kinda fun too. An adventure for sure!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


happy birthday, Stewart!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

now, to hang the art

After consecutive late nights and culminating in an all-nighter, the third floor space is finished. And, we are pleased! Most of the space is still lacking the "spring moss" colored trim.
Besides it being peaceful, the air is pleasant and not stuffy. We did several things like extra-thick drywall, extra-thick insulation, an attic fan and a portable AC unit to supplement the cool air we have pipped-in from the second floor.
Thanks Mike! Also, to Dave and Dad for putting in so much work at the end. Also, thanks to Kaori for learning how to paint so well, Nana Jan and Nana Karyl for grandchild watching and Amy for her bed-building abilities among other things! Now... to hang the art!