Friday, August 8, 2008

the sunday practice

I appreciate how Kaori goes with us to service on Sunday mornings, even when it's not the most interesting, and especially because I know she doesn't understand most what is being said. I think she does this because it's something we do as a family (and maybe because she thinks she'll pick up a little English).


We traveled east yesterday to explore an adventure route. We drove the Old National Road (US 40), "The Road that Built the Nation" from Indianapolis to Richmond. Our favorite stop was Knightstown, where we explored a local park, a creek and an old wooden bridge. We also went to Frosty Boy Ice Cream and thoroughly enjoyed tasty (but pretty generic) soft serve and root beer floats.
Knightstown is only 31 miles east of the Indianapolis. It is home to the "Hoosier Gym" (the gym where the movie, "Hoosiers" was filmed). It also looks to have several antique places off the main road and a working train depot. We plan to take a ride when we come through again. (From the signs, looks like the ride is only on Friday and Saturday, 11, 1 and 3 and Sunday, 1 & 3pm).

Friday, August 1, 2008

first art showing!

I am shamelessly promoting the art of my firstborn son, Marshall Sparrow Boring.

A dozen or so simple drawings have spilled-out from the mind of a six-year-old onto paper and coffee bags. Intriguing figures, robotic and other-worldly tell dramatic, action-packed battle stories. Come think on them at the Harrison Center for the Arts 6-10 p.m., Friday, August 1!

Have I enticed you enough? Maybe a little economically-stimulating appeal would be good here... Marshall has BIG plans. He wants to purchase an electric guitar to "rock-out on" or a SWAT Team bullet-proof vest. So if you should fancy a piece of art, simple and true, you would be glad to know they are cheap* and that a purchase would further his innocent, childish consumer goals.