Thursday, May 22, 2008

a robot plate, please.

I have been inspired by Marshall's drawings lately. He is a little creative genious!
So, I bought some thrift store dishes that seemed to be new restaurant dishes, and we found a kind of paint that is dishwasher/microwave safe and started drawing. We're coming out with some incredible robot and alien life designs.
Check out a breif article about an art show that my work was in. One of my peices is featured in the photograph. It's called "Shoefitti by the School" which was inspired by having children and thinking about school options for them. Oh, the creativity that children bring!


Sarah Partain said...

Cool dishes!! I love that idea. I'll definitely save that for when Amos is older.
I loved your shoefetti piece. And, your hair is so beautiful. I've been meaning to tell you that!

rvree said...

I love the dishes! So sorry we didn't get to any dish decorating together before I left.