Sunday, July 6, 2008

holidome of old

Has anyone ever been to a Holidome? It's a Holiday Inn with an inner courtyard play area that includes pool, arcade and usually a mini golf course.
Well, we went to a Holiday Inn that that had this type of courtyard (although
it was lacking the dome part) . It was in Elk City, OK.
The kids loved it.
In fact, the hotels will probably be what the kids remember out of the entire vacation. Mike and I talked about our childhood experiences with Holidomes and "fun" hotels (hotels with pools). The hotel stays were always memorable than the destinations for us.
Mike and I are happy to witness their joy and thankful that we can do this together. And WE are having a blast at the destinations.

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Sarah Partain said...

I've been to one of those! It was sooo cool! I think it was somewhere in IL. So cool that you found one, too!