Saturday, April 5, 2008

seven wheel train

I 'm posting some photos I took today on the way home from a nice, long bike ride up the White River Parkway (14 miles). It's Mike, with Marshall on the half-wheeler, Stewart & Nigel in the trailer and Marshall's bike tied on the trailer.
Marshall rode all the way past 16th Street and back to IUPUI , where we stopped at Mario's pizza. Then he was tired, so we strapped his bike to the trailer and headed home, with dinner. Stewart did great on the half-wheeler up until the switch, but was tired enough to fall asleep as soon as he was in the trailer.


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Tracy said...

Wow, you guys really are the bikers! Impressive! Is this instead of running the mini this year? (or did you miss out on that last year like me? weren't you having a baby?)