Monday, March 24, 2008


Marshall, Stewart and Nigel wore floral bowties and ate everything sweet and several easter eggs too.
The contrast from our Seder Dinner and Good Friday's service to Easter's service was splendid. The sanctuary was a sight, filled with the most amazing display of discarded instruments and a visual journey through Holy Week across the stage. You'll know how amazing it was just by knowing that it was done by Kipp Normand. I wish I had a picture.
For the service and brunch at the church, we were joined by Uncle David and Mom and Dad Sparrow.
Later, Stewart rode the half-wheeler behind Mike all the way to Mom and Dad Boring's house. First time. He held on tight, did not petal and never complained. Marshall rode solo, steering himself into bumps without fear or regard for the disaster that those bumps could mean.


Tracy said...

Bike rides in the snow, family bike rides -- sounds like fun. Reeve, like Marshall, appears on his way to BMX bike riding competitions -- if there is a bump, he will find it!

inventivedesigner said...

Aww. they look sooo cute:)