Monday, September 8, 2008

IMA picnic

A friend and I were talking about the adventures were having and how they sound so lovely when I write about them.
Well, the truth is that most of them involve some kind of meltdown (from me or the kids).
And, most of them have a nice lesson that, when looked at in retrospect, can seem more lovely than it actually is.
But this morning was perfect! There were no meltdowns (or yelling, or fighting). The weather was ideal. The Indianapolis Museum of Art gardens were tranquil, the flora was entrancing, and the bees and butterflies were happily busy.
The only things disturbing for me were the dull peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the "Sponge Bob" artificial fruit snacks. (I didn't eat.) On the other hand, these minor disturbances were what possibly made it great for the kids, along with the dead cicada bugs, huge pile of peat gravel and dirt on which they played "king of the mountain" for a great deal of time and the water sprinklers.

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