Friday, September 19, 2008

try 50 miles

We finished our bike ride! We covered 50 miles in 2 days. I pulled close to 200 lbs, with a little help from Marshall. We had our own support driver (Mike), who found us a place to stay after the first day and delivered us to and from the road as we needed (after his work day)
Day 1- Richmond to Lewisville
Day 2: Knightstown to Greenfield
Here are some highlights:

Webb's Antique Mall "Station Stop" restaurant
- Centerville
Hilltop Drive-Inn, slushies and cold water- Mt. Auburn
Raintree Inn's pool and hot tub -New Castle
"Hoosier Gym", Carthage/Knightstown/Shirley Train and Depot, Frosty Boy- Knightstown
Small towns, Indiana countryside and perfect weather
What we learned:
to plan the trip around the accommodations

that 25 -30 miles a day is more reasonable than 40
to keep Stewart off the half-wheeler on major roads (he throws the balance off considerably)
that we need a new trailer
that candy and ice cream have super powers (almost 100% guarantee to get us to the next rest stop)
how not to attach the pannier bags
What sucked:
Marshall puking at Riley park- Greenfield (he got too tired and hot)
not being able to find a place to stay along the route (the days of the old motor lodges are over)
getting a sunburn on one leg because I forgot to put sunscreen on


Brian and Carrie Saunders said...

Come 50 miles west for your next trip:) You are the woman!

rvree said...

You are a wonder woman! Strong work with your peace train.

Tracy said...


Wow. Just exhausted thinking about it!

Jen said...

Im so proud of you!!! Sounds like a great trip! Its thrilling for me to hear about it...a bit scary to think of doing it myself!