Wednesday, January 21, 2009

paying too much

I researched it. I believed I needed a stroller for two that was the width of a single and had air-filled tires. So I spent a lot of money on Phil & Teds Vibe.
I took it to the grocery yesterday. Marshall pushed it while I loaded the cart.
Everyone was happy. Euphoria!

It is the answer to my problems, ALL of them, including the bus-riding, kid-carting, Ecuador-trapesing ones!

I plan to sell it in the fall, (if I can part with it).


Sarah Partain said...

As anyone who works with tools day in and day out would tell you that it's important to have the right tools, all the time. They make the job faster and easier!
I think we Moms should also adopt this perspective. Having the right gear makes for happy kids and happy Moms! Have fun with your new stroller--I hope it helps!

John said...

Welcome to the Phil & Ted club! We have weekly meetings. I kid.