Tuesday, January 13, 2009

riding on IndyGo

Yesterday we went riding. As we were approaching our #55 stop early, we saw the bus zoom by. We went home.
An hour later, we went out again for the next bus, this time we went 5 minutes early, and waited for 25 minutes.
Marshall led us to our seats at the back of the bus. As we sat there, the boys looked so proud, holding tight to their lunch bags on their high seats. I could tell they were excited to try something new (last time we did it was when Stewart was a baby).
We traveled east to Washington Street, where we got off and walked the equivalent of three blocks to the YMCA.
We made sure to leave in time to catch the bus and got to the stop in time for the bus to arrive. The walk back to the bus stop was stressful because it was super windy, and the kids had become tired. Stewart was cold and crying. They ate their lunches in the cold as we waited for the bus. We waited 30 minutes. By this time Nigel was crying too. I told them we would get on whatever bus came along next. It was the #8 bus. We got on.
I had to get them warmed-up. I told the bus driver that we had waited 30 minutes for bus #55. He said, "You mean that one..." as #55 whizzed by. He mumbled something about how the bus would loop around and we could catch it when it came around, so we got off. Our bus never came by. We did watch helplessly as it looped around on Shortridge, where there were no stops (I knew this because I had dragged the boys over there to check it out and try to stay warm. That was when Marshall started crying.).
So we missed that bus. Twice! Shit!
I was trying to stay positive, and I couldn't help but laugh. I felt like wailing. Defeated and desperate, we got on the next bus, #8, and took it downtown.
Around this time, a large woman sat next to Stewart. He acted shy. She started teasing him with a loud voice, saying, "I'll move. Don't be shy. Don't be scared. I''ll move if you give me your apple. Can I have your apple?" I told her twice, "He's ok, he's just a little shy." She kept on with the "taking his apple" bit. He started crying and then I had two kids on my lap.
We only waited 15 minutes for the outbound #55, amidst the warm cigarette smoke and while witnessing a throwing-up lady.
We're going to do it again, and again. Just not today, and next time with a stroller.

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