Saturday, November 10, 2007

broad ripple day

Our cousin Lauren is here to visit with, now 13 year old, Chloe. I can't even belive that this same Chloe was in our wedding 10 years ago and was led down the aisle by our neice Taylor, also 13.
It scares me a bit to have time leap forward like that, right before my eyes. And weird that in that "blink- of-an-eye" leap, my life has changed so drastically. It doesn't seem possible.
Lauren, Chloe, Amy, Mom, Nigel and I had breakfast at Petite Chou (they serve a yummy crepe au fromage). Nigel was an angel to withstand the time afterwards, perusing Broad Ripple's boutiques. And even though he did great, he won't be doing that for much longer. (He is still the perfect age to cart around, where he doesn't demand mobility... just the occasional nibble).
Mike, Dad, Marshall and Stewart joined us on Westfield Blvd. for Garden pizza from Bazbeux (pepperoni for the boys). After eating, we crossed the street to the canal to encourage the boys rock throwing distances.
Later in the evening Mike, his parents and I enjoyed a birthday dinner at Mama Corolla's before attending a Spirit and Place event at First Friends Church. We heard some entertaining stories by Phil Gulley and music by Carrie Newcomer.
It was a full, Broad Ripple day.


Tracy said...

Mike's only 32? My what a young pup. (not that he looks a day older....). Out to eat three times in a day--yes, that is the life. Ahhh...Gotta love days like that!:) Like the vacation we had this week, eating every meal at a restaurant while Rania terrorizes the nearby vicinity. We are actually thankful when not another soul is there or when it's a buffet and we can eat and run!:) She can sit about five minutes, tops. 18 months. What a busy age. Nigel is looking so cute. Whom does he look the most like? Marshall maybe?

Uncle Mut said...

WOW! What cute pictures! It just makes me want to hug that little guy! : )
P.S. Please give Mike a belated Happy Birthday from me. I am getting to be more and more of an airhead, it seems. : (