Thursday, November 8, 2007

we've been farming

At the Sparrow School, we're studing farms.
Trader's Point Creamery, Anderson Orchard, and The Brown Family Farm (our egg co-op farm) have seen our little troupe this week. It's been busy, trying to get in some farm visits before it gets too cold.
Next week, we'll stay a bit closer and try to visit Boring Farms in New Palestine. I'd also love to visit the farm where we'll be getting our Thanksgiving turkey from, and a farm with 4-H'ers raising goats or rabbits or llamas (any leads on the later would be helpful). What else? Wouldn't it be fun to visit a John Deere dealership?
But if these big things don't happen, I'll be satisfied with the farms we've seen and our Boring Farm visit. I'd like to encourage Marshall to do some video journaling of Boring Farms and it's legacy. I think he asks good questions but would like to see him put a little more effort into listening to answers. Maybe this will be a good exercise for him to do with Uncle Phil and Grandpa Eugene ("Whale-tail"). More on this later.
Some thoughts about homeschool:
We're not home much.
It's so incredible to watch Marshall, Stewart and Nigel interact with eachother so much.
The world is so grand and curious and I'm loving that we can explore it together.

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Tracy said...

What! Some over-achievers make us exhausted. You're worried about Marshall doing some video journaling; we just hope Reeve doesn't hit his sisters.