Sunday, November 11, 2007

the long search for a sunday meal

Since going to Trader's Point Creamery last week, I learned about a brunch they do every Saturday and Sunday along with an indoor farmer's market. I was excited to plan our family gathering there for Sunday afternoon, with cousin Brian and family coming in from Crawfordsville, and cousin Lauren and Chloe visiting from Boston. I thought that it would be a great place to eat together and explore. I called to see if we needed reservations for a large group, "No", they said.
So I planned it, everyone showed up and there was no brunch. We were told it was done only on Friday and Saturdays now. Some got yummy chocolate milk and I figured out where we could go for brunch. I felt obligated to find us a place because the original idea was mine to begin with. I wanted to make it right. So, I decided on a place in Zionsville, ONLY 9 miles away. 9 miles further.
And it was good... good to be with family. Zionsville was a nice place to be on a rainy fall day, with a quaint downtown.
I did not enjoy decision making for an entire group, not knowing where we were headed or what to expect. I did not enjoy trying to give directions to 5 drivers, when my directions were second hand. I thought of myself as being pretty flexible, but I wasn't in that place on Sunday. I give that responsibility to someone else for next time.

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