Monday, November 19, 2007

this nineteenth day of this eleventh month

a whinny boy awoke
i wondered, "could it be a joke?"

boys were dressed and going
i felt my mind slowing

cereal sloshed
i begged, "could i get washed?"

"happy birthday, mama!"
i may, i wanna

eyes wide, mad and sad
i sighed, "please let me have..."

talking across the sea
"i am happy."

sometimes they're so unpleasant
i opened my first present

the boys play, smile and cry
i voice, "why?"

children bring insight, joy too
i delight, no longer thirty two


a boring sparrow said...

i like it, mama. You're so great!
love, Marshall
I love you mommy!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I hope it was great!. 33, such a young pup. No wonder you have so much energy.....:)

Love and miss you!

Herns said...

you are so creative. its fun seeing your boys play. 33 is "good times"... happy b-day