Saturday, March 22, 2008

desperate for coffee = first bike in the snow

I didn't plan well this week. We woke up to no caffeinated coffee in the house. Our options were for me to run out and bring some home OR go on a family bike ride to the coffee shop. We did the later.

It's called desperation & spring fever.

We didn't think it was that cold out when we made the decision, but by the time everyone was ready, and the trailer hooked-up, it had started to sprinkle. But the bikes were ready, and we were bundled. We added a few more layers and headed out, with Marshall on his own bicycle (instead of the tandem) for the first family bike outing.

We got to the coffee shop on the circle and warmed up with coffee and hot cocoa. It was 34 degees outside, but no one was complaining. By the time we were ready to go, it had started snowing. It didn't pose any problems, besides getting in our eyes a bit.

By the time we made it home, Nigel had fallen asleep. I let Stewart out of the trailer and Nigel and I returned some books to the library.

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