Friday, March 14, 2008

how it went; the Bizarre Baby Bazaar

The Bizarre Baby Bazaar event was pretty cool. The space was transformed and looked like a precious boutique. There was good energy and lots of positive comments directed to us and overheard (exept for the one lady who said, "Well, I don't even like kids"). It was fun to have an idea like this one, organize it, and see it through.
The items that we showed (and sold) were beautiful. Thanks to Jennie, Shannon, Rachel, Karyl and Bethany for all their hard work preparing the items. I'm thrilled to know such amazing artists!
There were a lot of things that I would do differently if I chose to do it again. I don't. The effort that the organization took (even though it wasn 't super organized), along with the difficulty of the week before the event was exhausting. Thanks to all who visited and supported us!

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rvree said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! I am sorry that I couldn't be there to help more and participate in the fun, but it looks like it was great!