Tuesday, March 4, 2008

no pictures of my friends and I

Amy took a picture of Tina and I last night at the hospital (Tina's been sick). I beleive it is the only picture ever taken of us. How can it be that I don't have any pictures of myself with my friends, those who I spend most time with? I can't even remember the last time someone shot a picture of Mike and I together either.
It seems like I am busy trying to capture my kid's lives in photographs, their milestones and moments, with no thought to photographing the other sweetnesses in my life.
Or maybe I have considered it, but have no desire to be caught on film looking like the mess that I feel like in my daily existence.
Or maybe it's that I don't often consider the regular things that I value deeply (besides my family).
So, friends, I treasure you. Let's document our lives together, and Tina, I want a copy of that picture.

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Tracy said...

We realized that we didn't have pictures of any friends as well -- until we had to leave for Malaysia and Doug put together the "memory book" of friends. Only then were we compelled to get pictures of our best friends.

Weird how much we take friends and community for granted until pressed.