Monday, March 9, 2009

$6 bus adventure! (sick child included)

I think we travel light, re-wearing dirty clothes, with few other options (this is why we are wearing the same clothes in our pictures), but when it comes to carrying all our gear, the pack probably weighs at least 80 lbs. Imagine me having to sit down in order to hoist the pack onto my back. It is way too heavy!
We caught a taxi, after an emergency trip to the supermarket to get some diapers (candy and B-A-N-A-N-A-S). Once we got to the bus terminal, backpack engaged, Stewart announced that he needed a toilet. We found one (for $ .15). The toilets didn't have seats, and he was upset about having to sit on the cold. We waited (Nigel and I more patient and understanding than my firstborn, who was dealing some emotional turmoil). We waited some more. Finally, Stewart felt relieved and we went on our way (me hoping that this issue had resolved itself).
We hurried to the back of the bus, got the entire row to ourselves, and settled in for the 2 hour ride to Salcedo. I thought to myself, "today is day of the woman here, and I feel empowered having met the challenges. " I felt proud, with my three strong children by my side. But then I went further, thinking, "It will be "smooth-sailing" from here, What other challenge can top these? "
Mistake to hope for the nice ride. After 20 minutes of boys quietly playing their leapsters, and me being able to nurse Nigel in peace. Shit! Literally...Stewart needed the bathroom again. His cries became increasingly desperate (coming from him, it really meant something. His stomach is made of steel). I convinced him that he needed a diaper. I was trying to keep Nigel asleep, and tend to Stewart's writhing body. He kept saying that he just needed to use the grass, not even a toilet. He wanted off the bus in a bad way.
Finally, about 20 minutes from our hotel, he releived himself and was totally fine after that.
Once we arrived, we cleaned up and I broke out the travelers diarrhea meds for my brave little boy.


woodward said...

80 pound backpack; 3 kids; intestinal issues; diapers, nursing kid, Ecuadorian buses. . .

A true superwoman. We canceled a trip to Singapore because of a little cough. Such wimps, we are.

a boring sparrow said...

no superwoman, just on the verge of crazy.

s a r a h said...

ok, you are officially my hero. your patience and indomitable spirit are AMAZING! love it!

Katie said...

poor stewart. poor you for having to clean him up! :) hope he is feeling better.

LOVE reading your posts.