Friday, March 13, 2009

Yaku: Agua: Water

Tonight Mike arrives!
During the day we decided to check out Quito's water museum. It is named Yaku (Quichua Indian name for water). Nigel had a great time getting wet, even though it was chilly.
The museum is in a neighborhood called El Placer ( The Pleasure). Here there was an excellent view of the c
ity in the valley, with the Panecillo to the south and the Basilica to the north.
There were several large school groups there with kids herded into lines with anticipatory expressions. To my surprise, one catholic girls school had allowed the girls to dress in their matching swim suits and caps and run through the fountains. The kindergarden-aged girls were having a superb time, running, slipping and falling. The nuns did not seem to be having such a good time, yelling and barking orders from the side. The scene was unforgettable.
Our favorite spot in the museum was the bubble (burbuja) room. See video below:

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woodward said...

How fun -- bubbles! Our kids sure love them on this side of the world.