Friday, March 6, 2009

Rancho La Carolina

I went to check out yesterday morning and had a small dispute with the hotel owner about what day it was. I could not believe it was Thursday. Already!
We had such a relaxing time at Rancho Carolina. The owners have a young son who is Nigel's age- Issac, so the place was entirely kid friendly. There were pug puppies and other nice dogs, a frigid pool which we boated on, a play set and large yard, beautiful and cozy grounds, good music, and amazing chocolate with milk in the morning. The owners, German and Maria Isabelle, and German's mother(I hope I remembered names correctly) were so nice.
side story: Marshall was being pushed into the pool by Issac, who had a cold and couldn't go in. He succeeded in pushing Marshall in, but got dragged in too. I was on the other side of the pool, in the boat with Nigel and Stewart. I yelled for help, and dashed over to get Issac out. Marshall was holding 2 year old Issac up by his sweater. He saved him!

note to self: research best dogs breeds for our family.
note to others: wait for movie to load.


amy said...

The video of nigel is too cute:) so precious how kids play..

rvree said...

It seems clear to me (from these adorable pictures and from our personal experience) that a pug would be the ideal dog breed for your family. :)