Wednesday, July 25, 2007

dinner with uncle "mut"

Uncle "Mut" has been staying with us in our make-shift guest quarters for 5 weeks now. In this last week of his before his return to Taiwan we have been packing our awake time with fun memories. One such time was last night when Uncle "Mut" treated us all to a tasty dinner at Carrabba's restaurant.
It's funny that almost all of my family is now calling my older brother- Matt, Stewart's name for him- Uncle "Mut". I guess it's because it sounds so adorable coming from Stewart's mouth. At this moment he and Marshall are playing chase or powers with Matt. Stewart is yelling "chase me Uncle Mut", while Marshall is yelling "super fire power" and "I'll get you with double cold power and bubble-spray-in-the-eye power". Imagine the intensity and volume that paints these rooms.
In his words, "I surrender".

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