Wednesday, July 25, 2007

duckpin bowling

We woke up with rested kids this morning thanks to the uncles! I had finally had it with bedtime and didn't know what to do to resolve the hour and a half long, night after night drama. So along came Matt and Dave. They read to the boys and got them all tucked-in last night without the resistance that we usually have.
With spirits high and no unkindness happening, we set out for a walk with Tina, Josie, Norah, Merritt and Kyle too. We hit Fountain Square's Cognito coffee place like a tornado. I imagine they have never experinced what they did with all of us here. There was Stewart stuffing his hand into Kyle's iced Mocha, me without cash to pay for drinks, Josie playing performer on the mini stage, and the voluminous Marshall "oohing" and "aahing" over the cool car picture book. Oh yeah, and then Stewart almost killed himself and Tina by running away down Prospect Street. Any volunteers to take the kids next time so Tina and I can finally have a complete conversation?
We closed the day with the step back to the 40's for Duckpin Bowling. Stewart was quite good at railing the ball down the lane. Or is it called lofting? Which we weren't supposed to do. He almost got his fingers smushed between the balls around 20 times on the thingy that brings the balls back. Marshall loved it and got quite good at playing. I guess dad was happy bowling with Nigel in arms, because I don't think he gave him up once. So while the whole thing was fun, the kids tummies were growling and I was growling at Stewart's behavior.
A hillarious moment... I saw movement behind me as we were leaving the bowling place and my brain thought it saw our rambunctious 2-year old, and I panicked to run after him. Then I saw Marshall on my left, the baby in my dad's arms and another boy under my arm and then realized a second later that I had started to run after a Stewart that I had in my grasp! Dad and I both started cracking up and he was looking at me as if I had lost it. I had lost it, and I do more and more these days.

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