Tuesday, July 31, 2007

picture people

We went to get 2-year old pictures done of Stewart today (this is why he isn't pictured here... he refused to pose again). I have one of these portrait-style pictures of Marshall when he was 13 months and had wanted to get one of Stewart at the same age, but I kinda missed it (he's now 26 months).
You almost can't go wrong with a picture of Stewart, but most of the pictures that were taken today were of him doing yoga. He was shy and Marshall and I could barely get him out of my arms and in front of the backdrop until we introduced yoga-ing. Needless to say, the shots turned out quite funny. He did kid versions of the grasshopper, the bridge and downward dog- each a number of times.
This blog reminds me to call Stacy Wasmuth of Blue Candy Photography to book Nigel's pictures. I'll sign off to do that now.

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Uncle Mut said...

Liz--That's funny about Stewart refusing to pose again. He's no poser! It's very true that you can't go wrong when photographing any of the princes. Just click.