Wednesday, October 3, 2007

community group

On Wednesday nights our home welcomes a small group of friends. It looks like it will be between three to six couples this year, although at week number four, we have only had the same three families here, for one reason or another.
This is our third year hosting and each year our number has decreased. The last two years I loved Wednesday nights for different reasons. The first year, we had a phenomenol discussion leader who really facilitated honest debate (Brad Grammer). Wednesday nights also meant that my house was clean after a long push to ready our home for "company". Last year, the house got cleaned up slighlty less to prepare for slightly fewer people. The discussion was headed by Mike and a Pleasant St. (three blocks south) friend, Matt Aalsma. Although we had nice discussions, Mike as co-leader was stressful because he spent a lot of time on the readings and, I think, equal time being anxious or obsessive about being a discussion leader. Both years were true and full community groups. There was frequently a lively discussion, coupled with lots of "catching-up", eating desserts and drinking coffee, cider or wine.
I admit that I was feeling a bit uncertain about the small size of our group this year. Last night's gathering assured me about the beauty of the few. You see, in my mind, if I'm hosting something, I'm thinking, "the more the merrier". But, we are delving into some deep arguments about social justice, so I think the "cozyness" of our group is perfect for that. I was impressed by our leaders, Joe and Rachel, and the fact that our small size really enabled all of us to share. It was completely comfortable, like having coffee with a friend. I'm excited about group and about hosting too.


Uncle Mut said...

As an English teacher, I have to say I LOVE the name Brad Grammer. : )
Thanks for the great blog!

JR said...

There seems to be any number of things that make up a good community group and it is kinda great finding the value in all the different iterations.