Wednesday, October 17, 2007

we won't be pirates

We won't be pirates, but after taking this picture, maybe we should reconsider.
Stewart has taken to dressing up like Captain Jack Sparrow. He doesn't know what a pirate is. He growls and thinks he's a monster when he puts the patch over his eye. His growl is mighty, it's low and loud, and he puts his whole body into it, tensing every muscle.
We're going to be robots for Halloween. I wonder what kind of sound effects will come out of Stewart then.
On another note, Stewart has taken up singing lately. He sings low and loud, and puts his whole body into it, gliding about with a "mic" in his hands (if he can find one). Mostly he sings, "Super-Reader saves the day" and "abcdefglmnoprstuvyz" and "Have patience, have patience, such a hurry. Remember, Remember, too".


rvree said...

I love the picture of Stewart. He's such a cutey, and I love hearing him talk more and more. Thanks for the tea and conversation this morning.

Uncle Mut said...

"rvree" is absolutely correct...Hoss is such a cutey. Savvy?