Tuesday, October 2, 2007

rollercoaster paths

I find it interesting how people's paths cross.
My path has bumped and bent in so many directions. Maybe it's a little like the trees that we observed on Monday's nature walk. The branches grew up towards the sky and then swung down into the ground, rollercoaster style. Were the roots were growing out of the trunks at high places, confused about which direction to grow?
My path seems confusing too.
It has jolted at times. I recognize a jolt.
Mostly though, I've wondered why my path has crossed another's path at particular points, so seamlessly smooth.
I thought about that tonight when I met Beth Eisinger at Shannon's artist studio night. She and I both showed work at the Unusual Animals Art Show in August. That was our first meeting. Her work shows interest in suspension, sewn things, paper, plastic and recycled beginnings. Similar in so many ways. What could have drawn us both to these same expressions?
Beth told me that she graduated from Taylor University last year. I graduated from Taylor too. Only, there's a nine year space , between her graduation and mine. She studied art, and began her post-college journey in art. It took me nine years. That space is what I needed to get here, a time of me "evolving", marrying, working, mothering and experimenting with art and expression.
Why is she at this place right now? Why am I here? And, "why do we keep happening into eachother?
I think we'll be eachother's art admirerers.

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Beth Eisinger said...

Thank you for your words, Elizabeth. I also wonder at different peoples' stories. I have girlfriend who is intensely struggling with her marriage. I have a lot of "why God's?" at the moment. But I keep thinking back to C.S.Lewis' "Horse and his Boy." where Aslan tells Shasta who wants to know why his friend was injured, "I am telling you your story, not hers. I tell no-one any story but his own." But I think sometimes peoples stories intersect and we wonder why. I enjoy your love of beauty, Elizabeth, and the way you put words. I look forward to getting to know you better.