Monday, October 1, 2007

the "ruins"

Marshall, Stewart and Nigel enjoyed a nature walk to Holliday Park. We've only been a couple of times but really like it there. They have a Nature Center (which I'm counting on for our "Nature Walks" during winter), a couple of rustic trails, and three huge play places that are side by side. The trees and gardens are amazing (from an adventuror's standpoint).
So, they have these "ruins" there. From a distance, it looks like the ruins of a round, classically designed building. We had been meaning to look more closely and so today we did.
When we got closer, we saw that we couldn't go into the ruins because of a metal fence that surrounded the entire thing. The "structure" was strange. I didn't really get what it was. It seemed like all these thrown together elements. Also, it didn't look like it was taken care of, with some water features that weren't working.
There was a brochure that gave a brief history of the "ruins". If I comprehended anything of it in the quick- in between running Stewart to the bathroom- read, this guy, Taflinger proposed "adopting" some sculptures from a building in New York City that was going to be destroyed. Indianapolis and Taflinger won the bid, with the sculptures arriving in 1958. It took Taflinger until 1977 to finish and dedicate the "new" "structure". It sounded like Taflinger kept changing the plans to add other building elements that needed a good home (statues from a closing convent, a fountain base from Fountain Square, etc). It also sounded like the city's changing political leaders may not have made the progress easy either.

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