Sunday, December 9, 2007

A bride named Sambica (Hymn)

Out of the ten peices of art that I showed at The Harrison Center's "White Christmas" show, this gown was my favorite.
I found a vintage dressform at Midland Antiques. After I resized it to a more realistic size, I put it on an old coatrack and paper mached it with paper from an old hymnal. That's how she gets her name, Sambica (the word for hymn in Japaneese).
The gown is made entirely out of recyled/reused materials. The majority of the dress is made from bulk coffee bags (bullet bags) that I got from local coffee shops. They were painted and then sewn.
The bustle and bust are made from plastic netting bags (that often package fruit and vegatables) and cereal bags. The bustle is accented with magnetic audio tape that I found somewhere.


Jen said...

A most beautiful piece created by the hands of a beautiful person. I love inspiring! How in the world did you get 10 art pieces done, when I can barely get the dishes done?!

amy said...

This dress is Amazing! You are so talented, I wish I had just a 1/4 of your creative mind:)