Friday, December 28, 2007

"choto matane"

"little bits of "see you later""

Today our dear friend and 4-month houseguest, Yoriko, left for Japan.
There has been a flurry of commotion since the second week of December, starting with Yoriko's sister's arrival. We made friends quickly with Sambi and then the girls were off to Chicago. Then our summer houseguest (and friend), Kaori, arrived for a Christmas visit. Soon after Sambi was headed home. Now Yoriko has gone, and Kaori is leaving for a visit to NYC.

So there have been little bits of "see you later" happening around here, and I am preparing for the nearing departure of Matt, who seems to have just arrived. Another "see you later" is on it's way.

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Tracy said...

Quite the international comings and goings! We sure are glad that we are all back together after our international travels!