Sunday, December 16, 2007

nice blinders!

I was just thinking about the horse that pulled us around on Saturday's "Santa on the Square" carriage ride. He had blinders on and he was grumpy. While I can't say for sure that his reason for the mood was the blinders, it certainly was a good enough reason. (It could also have been the pulling people around in the snow with bells jingling behind your ears while getting slushed upon by speeding cars.)
Sometimes I wish I could have someone directing my sight, focusing me on the most important things, like the blinders. A little more of a "one-tracked" mind may be good. There are always too many things going at once.
Mike is right when he tells me that I do it to myself, that I take on too much. It's just that I crave interaction, excitement, inspiration, creative expression and more.
And while the blinders work for the horse, that kind of "guidance" wouldn't work for me. It would cause some grumpiness, at the least.
At this place, when I'm caring for three little boys, my mind has to be focused on many things... multi-tasking at it's busiest. So, I add on a bit more of the things I love. Doing these things helps me to "be" myself. The ability to go after them gives me autonomy.
And someday, I will need to live at more of a "one-tracked" pace. I may need the blinders then.

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