Tuesday, December 4, 2007

still a sparrow

I often think of my Sparrow family. My grandma, Edna Sparrow, passed away in the late spring and my grandpa, Stewart Sparrow, passed away when I was in high school but most of the family is still in Spokane, Washington . Today, we were looking at the journal of a trip we took out there to visit the Sparrow family when Stewart was a year old. An amazing heritage we have in the Sparrows, brimming with detailed stories of adventure, family and community.
Whenever I see a little sparrow flying about or fluffing up it's feathers in the cold I can't help but smile. These little birds are delightful to watch. Their shape is charming. Even the word "sparrow" feels like a perfect word. Maybe growing up with this name, and knowing who the Sparrow family is created this affinity for them.
Here is a foretaste of some art I'm finishing, complete with a few sparrows. The art show is this Friday at the Harrison Center for the Arts. Try to come, if you can.
P.S. Check out our family's newest work for the Advent season at www.thebabe.wordpress.com. (Boring Advent Blog Extra)

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Tracy said...

My wouldn't we love to visit the art show this Friday. Perhaps you can include a global tour?