Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a bleak day

I can't remember when I've thought I lost one of my children. Today I thought I lost Marshall at La Carolina park. It was so crowded because of the Carnival break and he just disappeared. He was found happily playing not 5 min later. I just held him and cried.
Now, both he and I are sick (BK maybe? It wasn't even street food.)
Thankful that Stewart & Nigel didn't eat.
I miss Mike and being in my own house.
I wasn't a patient Mama today, fell asleep with the kids I was so worn out.
I am feeling unsettled too, not yet knowing where we will be staying Thursday and beyond. I've got to figure that out.

Photo one: The kids on the rocks at La Carolina. I loved mastering these when I was a kid. Marshall said this was the best park ever, despite me crying on him.
Photo two: The Carnival fight was over by 8:15 am. They were covered with espumante Carioka (spray foam made for Carnival).

Marshall said he missed Brant today.


Carrie Sinsabaugh said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. All I can say is I'm praying, praying, praying. Love ya!

Jen said...

Oh man, I hope you guys are feeling better soon and that your plans fall quickly into place. Praying that you are provided for in every twist and turn. You are missed!

woodward said...

Wow. Wow. I think that is one of my greatest fears -- if not the greatest -- kids running off and losing them. Yikes.

I remember Carnival in Ecuador -- the massively crowded plazas -- getting pick-pocketed by an old woman -- all of 835 Sucres -- in one of those crowds where you can't move at all and two old woman brace you in spot -- one in back and one in front and you can't move -- until they've gone through your pocket.

But aren't you getting air bombed with water balloons from all sides -- usually from above?

Plenty of cold walks through Quito trying to dodge water balloons -- especially as the gringo/a.

What an adventure!