Friday, February 20, 2009

miscellaneous shots

Picture one: the kids and I sitting in front of the senior lockers at the Alliance Academy ( the K-12 school of my youth). I left half way through my junior year, did not graduate with my class.

Picture two: the kids walking down the path on the side of the dorm, where I lived when I was one, in 4th grade and in high school. I remember running up and down this lane with my dog, Toby and riding my bike up and down here and thinking it was scary because it was so steep and bumpy.

Picture three: the kids and I happened upon a board that I think used to be a part of a huge crate. It has my dads name stenciled on it. The crates are how we sent the things to Ecuador that we needed for each 4 year term. Packing the unpacking the crates was a big deal. It used to take months to get them out of customs after they had been shipped by boat . By the time we got them it seemed like Christmas. We finally had our toys and plates and photographs and other useful junk.

Picture four: It is sunny today, Nigel's birthday so we spent a good part of the morning chilling on the roof of the garage, watching the planes fly into the city. I never noticed that planes go only one direction here, always flying northward.


Carrie Sinsabaugh said...

I love that you found that box. That is so cool. It looks like you're taking it easy for now. Thinking of you often and praying for you as well. Love ya!

rvree said...

Happy birthday to Nigel and happy adventures to you! I have been thinking about you so often, and it's wonderful to read your updates here and on Facebook. Praying and loving for great explorations.

karyl boring said...

I loved seeing your faces as I opened your blog. We really miss you, but we are so excited that you are experiencing this adventure. Can't wait for the next update. Happy Birthday, Dear Nigel!! Hugs and Kisses - Nana Karyl

s a r a h said...

amazing adventure. it's seems to be a place that was waiting for your return. love reading about your time and seeing the pictures. can't wait for the next post:) with love! shc

tina said...

Love your locks! What great treasures! Love ya, tina

wynkoopmom said...

What an amazing adventure! Are you alone w/ the kids or is Mike there? I'm enjoying the updates! Have fun!