Saturday, February 28, 2009

the taxi movie

We used the same taxi driver that we had in Otavalo to take us to Lake Cuicocha (a volcanic lake at the base of mount Cotachachi). Mari (the only woman taxi driver I have known) saw that the boys were a bit unsettled and so down came the in-roof video player. Wow! Then, on came the movie she had picked, WANTED (Angelina Jolie 2008). Do you know what happens in the first 4 minutes of WANTED?
I knew the violence was coming and was wondering how I was going to ask her to shut it off, but then the office "getting -busy" scene came on. I said, " close your eyes.", just like I remember it being done (only it was for dancing or underwear commercials for me). Marshall said, "why?" Stewart said, "What are they doing?" I was speachless. I was trying not to freak out. Stay calm, stay calm.
It was over then, good thing it only lasted 30 seconds.
Maybe she read the look on my face or the questions that had begun, but she soon changed it to Monsters, Inc. in Spanish. I was thankful. The rest of the trip was quiet.

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Sarah Partain said...

Thanks for including us in your travels. You're doing a great job--the kids seem happy to be exploring a new place and you are doing it by yourself, a great feat. Now you'll have new memories to add to your childhood!