Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Going to Ecuador... Why?"

Our family is going to Ecuador because I need to think about my childhood memories, expose the kids to another aspect of our world, and share an adventure. I need Mike to see the places that were mine for the first 17 years of my life, and understand my "other" home.
For 17 years I have envisioned the mountains and longed to breathe my Ecuadorian experience again. I left with a weight of bitterness on my shoulders, which has diffused into a deep sadness.
"Why take the kids?", some have asked. We are grabbing the opportunity to share the wide world with them. As we remember the vividness of our childhood experiences we realize how rich this could be for them.
"It will be so difficult with kids!" YEAH, it will and I'm definitely nervous! On the other hand, it seems like we are coming out of a place of difficulty which has strengthened us, so we're going for it.
Don't you think the challenge of exploration and risk is enlightening?
We leave in the morning!


s a r a h said...

YES! i do think the challenge will be enriching and enlightening. i think our kids teach us more than we know--they see and ask the questions that we are too scared to ask. as hard as it is, i love to travel with my kids...to hear their interpretations and to see them living my childhood again. it always seems to give me a greater sense of self, of the blessings i have been given, & of the lessons i have learned. i hope you have an amazing trip full of rich experiences that bond you all together for a lifetime. God will be with you there.

Jen said...

Oh Elizabeth! I cant wait to hear all about the adventures you guys have. Im pretty sure you will come back different somehow, but Im excited to meet you after you have greeted your childhood again. Love and hugs to you all. Prayers go with you!

Katie said...

thinking of you and the boys today as you're traveling. i hope you are excited, not anxious. if anyone can do this, you can. you deserve to do this for yourself and the boys.