Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friendly Birthday Nigel & other shots

Picture one: Have you been making friends? yes! The kids light up people's faces. They see we look different too, and maybe they're smiling about that (with our sun hats, backpacks and attributes that are not accessory driven.)
Here Nigel and Stewart make friends at the ball pit. Nigel and Stewart tend to be timid, but not with other kids. Marshall is usually friendly and met a boy at the ball pit who he said was his best friend in Ecuador, his name was Juan.
Picture two: How do you get around? We get around... today by bus, yesterday by taxi, the day before by stroller. For me there is anxiety when it comes to getting somewhere, because there is so much organizing to do. Do we have water bottles filled? Are your things in your pack? How about a rain coat? Me? I've got to have diapers, sunscreen, snacks, water, money and lip gloss at the very least.
Today, our bus ride was crazy. There were no seats and as soon as we got on, the driver bolted out. I told the kids to hit the floor, "Just sit down now and hold on!" Some lovely ladies took our situation into account and decided to scrunch so we could have their seats. The ride was all emergency brake, let someone on, bolt away. Marshall and Stewart loved it! I was nervous and trying not to let it seep out. Nigel was tired and wanted to nurse. No room for that here so crying ensued. He fell asleep shortly after crying despite the careening bus situation.
The next step... bus with kids, travel pack and stroller.
Picture three: How we've been sleeping? fine, together works great for us! I sleep on either side of Nigel, depending.


karyl boring said...

It's Sunday here and we've just read your blog together and have seen the undated pictures. Pa and I miss you all!! What an amazing experience for all of you. Elizabeth, how we love your spirit of adventure. I am praying for sustained strength!! Love, Mom and Dad Boring

s a r a h said...

love Karyl's comment..."adventurous spirit" and praying for "sustained strength!" how true! totally in awe of you right now! you're amazing!

tina said...

Why do I feel like crying every time I read your blog? I guess I'm sort-of into your story.

Katie said...

i think of the things i remember from being 6 or 7 - not much, but i remember big things from that time. it's amazing to me that when marshall is our age, THIS is what he'll remember probably most vividly. how cool that you are the one offering him this memory?!

Jen said...

Happy birthday Nigel! Thankful to read about happy and healthy travelers...The crazy buses would make me nervous too! I remember that about was nuts without kids! Im sure they loved it! HUGS!

a boring sparrow said...

thanks for your sustaining words. I LOVE reading these comments. It means to me that I have people who I know who care about these happenings in my life.

woodward said...

Oh my goodness -- Mitad del Mundo, crazy Ecuadorian bus rides. I have some fantastic memories of Ecuador . . .though in the single and carefree days. Three little kids. My oh, my -- that's another story.

What an adventure! (Doug)