Sunday, February 22, 2009

for dad and dave

for Dad: the descendents of the hummingbirds you photographed on Sancho de la Carrera, and an accordion man that grandma Edna would have enjoyed

for Dave: Marshall and Stewart in front of your place of birth, Hospital Vozandes, and our stinky fighting flowers

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amy said...

Aww. This is where my David was born:) So nice, not what I was pictured at all. I love seeing all these photos! Gosh I can really see why you would want to go back and experience all your childhood memories with your boys, I don't think I would ever leave! Will you be going to the beach when you are there, If so I would like to request a photo of the beach:) and that hotel Dave always talks about:) I would type it, but I probably wouldn't spell it right, hehe:) so I will just call it "the hotel":) love you, take care:)