Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dorry and dirty laundry

We spent the day recovering after Marshall and I had some kind of food poisoning the night before last. We all got long naps. Our outing was limited to the close-by park, which incidentally was being spray painted and we had to evacuate because of the fumes.
At the guest house, the older boys can roam freely. I found them playing their Leapsters in the outdoor laundry room. I think they like their privacy and being able to find their own special places.
When I told Mike about this in our Skype chat today he said that they were making their own Ecuador memories. He then reminded me of one of my memories, pretending to make tiles on the outdoor laundry, called la pila. I had such fun being methodical and serious about something and would spend hours doing this. I didn't have to explain it to anyone, it was my own private work, which I only shared by choice to my fellow workers (friends from down the street).
The boys love the dog. Dorry is her name. Nigel was terrified of her at first, but has come around, on his own terms (with Mama at his side). She reminds me of our cocker spaniels, Toby and Ruff, who we had here in Ecuador.

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Carrie Sinsabaugh said...

glad you're feeling better. i look forward to reading your new entries. asher says hi. marta is playing outside with marta as it is fairly warm today.