Tuesday, August 7, 2007

banjo dancing

Ever heard of it?
Well, our kiddos did it with such enthusiasm tonight. Pa Gary was playing away on his banjo and the dancing began. Even little Fiona got into it. Of course, the dancing turned into wrestling rather quickly. Malcolm, Marshall and Stewart against Taylor. Crazy kids! Fiona was smart to stay away at that point.
I remember doing things like that when my cousins and I were little. I remember it now as a feeling, not as specific images. I think of those times as untempered excitment in the activity and in the closeness of those friendships. Now, I can only think of a couple of friendships like that (and even those friendships don't always feel that relaxed). But, I think that the older I get, the more comfortable I feel in various situations. Kinda sad how when I grew up, I gained that "maturity" or "tempering" thing that mostly feels like awkwardness.
Funny note... Marshall dances while holding onto the crotch part of his pants. I wonder if he'll grow out of that?

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