Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fountain Square Dinner

Yummy! Let the Fountain Square Sunday Night dinners continue!
We hosted Sunday Night dinner again. I think it was the fifth time this calendar year. It's been Ecuadorian food all five times with Locro (potato & cheese soup) being first, then Arroz con Pollo y Humitas (chicken & rice with sweet corn tamales), Beans & Rice (burrito style), Menestra y Empanadas de Queso (lentils and mini cheese pies) and tonight, Seco de Gallina. It was accompanied by chifles (fried plaintain slices), chickpea and red pepper salad, potato and lettuce salad, and coconut rice pudding for dessert. The best things though were the Sangria (fruity and bubbly wine) and the Cafe con Leche (milk with instant coffee).
These meals are something we look forward to every week. We're also glad that we don't have to cook every week and that we can enjoy some new food in the midst of familiar faces (and new faces too). It's the best! Thanks for the idea, Beelers!
Tonight, I missed Aalsmas, Sinsabaughs, Kyle & Cindy, and Rachel. We were glad to have Mike's parents, Sam, Sarah & Fiona, Kris, Taylor & Malcolm, Dave & Amy join in our meal. We were also honored to have Laura and Tyler, Elisabeth N., Kipp and Paul join us.
I really missed you Matt! It was better than last time.

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