Monday, August 27, 2007

memories and Lego hazards

I remember playing Legos with my brothers and dad for what seemed like whole days. I remember being so intent on finding that perfect piece that would serve just the right purpose on whatever it was that I was building.
Now, I can see our children doing that in the coming years. They have started to get into Legos more and more over the last several months. It began with Marshall's Lego advent calendar that Mike's parents got him from Lego Land.
The other day, Stewart must have spent an hour sitting quietly by himself... just building. He's two! Marshall got into it again by seeing that Stewart was amused by it. So, Marshall built a satellite, complete with controls and antenna. Everything had a reason, which he described precisely without being asked about it. On the other hand, Stewart was happily working without any explanation. Two very different boys!
So, let the Lego-pierced feet ouchies begin... but let us always be conscious of the ever-present choking hazards that are laying around for our little scooting baby who loves watching and listening to his big brothers.

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Herns said...

i can't wait to show jackson this! he and luke spend lots of time building too these days. kevin ordered some lego people to go with the small pieces we have (started the whole thing) and they love making spaceships. beware..if they get their hands on a lego magazine, they'll be begging for more!