Friday, August 3, 2007

shopping with boys

I wanted a new top for the art show tonight. So, it being America and all, I went out to get what I want. (It wasn't selfish at all!)
Marshall had gone to visit Grandma and Grandpa Laitinen in Kokomo with Mike's mom, sisters and the cousins. So, after Stewart and Nigel woke from their naps, I took them to Circle Center Mall.
I didn't have the Bjorn carrier, so I opted to carry Nigel while Stewart rode in the stroller. A good choice, I think, because I don't imagine I could chase Stewart around the mall. We went directly to H&M and asked for help right away. A nice kid helped us. When we had finally decided on several options, he set us up in a handicapped dressing room. To keep Stewart entertained, I told him that we were in our own little magic room and we had to stay in there until we tried on the magic clothes. He chose several scarves to try on as belts and then he wanted to try on the other size of the shirt I was trying on. We did and I couldn't help capturing a picture of it. Meanwhile, Nigel is precariously laying on the bench, being very patient. I kept myself to the one side of the bench to prevent him from rolling off, while trying on clothes at top speed.
We finally decided on a teal top that I could wear to the show. Here's the shot!

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