Friday, August 17, 2007

playgroup... oops

Thought we had playgroup this morning at Carrie's. I was mistaken- it's next Friday.
I tried to salvage the boy's hopes for something fun away from home, so we went out for a picnic at Meadow Oaks Park (I think that's what it's called) in the Old Northside neighborhood. It's one of Indy's little secret places, where you can tuck yourself away in a tiny corner of nature. (The sign says it is a Victorian Walking Garden.) It comes complete with a fountain (that's not working now), a gazebo, walkways, benches, and some calm shaded garden spaces. One of the best things about going there with kids is that it is gated, shady, and there isn't an obnoxious plastic play set that has everything surrounding it. It's nice to get away from the "entertain me" philosophy of most other parks. And the kids love it just as much if not more.
We met two doggies, GiGi and LuLu and observed 10 or more empty beetle shells after eating PB and Honey sandwiches.
Before the park, we ran by the bank. The boys enjoyed googling over two incredible "cool cars" at an auto body detailing place next to the bank on East St. The guy who was cleaning them said they could look and take photos and he even opened the "wing" doors up so the boys could look inside. Marshall and Stewart were in heaven.

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Uncle Mut said...

You're a great mother! Making the most out of every situation...awesome.