Tuesday, August 7, 2007

the museum flurry

A perfect title for this visit to the Children's Museum... the museum flurry.
Indianapolis is known for it's kids museum, but the problem is that it contains too many exciting things for my kids to consume. This is exactly why we have a membership, so we enjoy it year round and don't feel like we have to cram everything (or even two things) in on one trip.
Marshall, Stewart, Nigel and I arrived at 10 and we spent almost two hours in one exhibit- the mazes. It was a favorite a couple of weeks ago when we were there with Uncle Matt too. I am only sad that it isn't a permanent fixture, but you know that if it was the kids would not enjoy it as much. Marshall and Stewart ran the mazes...over and over and over again. And then when they got tired they ran over to the spot on the floor where I had plopped down, hugged me and caught their breath. Then they went back for more. For the last hour or so, they crawled under the biggest maze... over and over and over again. They finally collapsed close-by.
A little before noon, we met Nana Karyl, Malcolm, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Sam and Fiona. We had a quick eat at the cafeteria an then I took Stewart and Nigel home for their naps.
I am guessing that the flurry continued.

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