Saturday, August 18, 2007


We finally added another girl to our house... does it count if it's a girl bunny? We got her at the Indiana State Fair today, mostly because of a very pushy little sales girl named Melody Marshall. She kept saying, "You're interested then?" and then re-negotiating the price and trying to add in another bunny or two or a cage. So when she asked, Marshall's eyes lit up and I posed the question to Mike and so we did it.
Meet Bumper, because that was Marshall's favorite ride at the fair (bumper cars).
We biked up to the fair, leaving the house at 8:30 a.m. We didn't get home until 4:30, and we arrived with three tired boys. Because we biked, we couldn't bring Bumper home so we enlisted mom and dad to do that for us (since they met us up there and had a car). Thanks M&D!
Marshall keeps running in to check on her, and is a little scared of getting scratched when he holds her. Stewart squeals in delight when he looks at her.
We had a pleasant time at the fair but we stayed a little too long and spent way too much money on food and rides. I guess we think that since it's only once a year, it's not a big deal and we like the tradition of going. The biking made it extra long but it also made it quite fun, and a way to burn off the best milkshake of the year.


Uncle Mut said...

Wow! Bumper the bunny! Looks cute. I hope I'm not allergic to him...when I was at Karhan's parents' house, I had a bad allergic reaction to their rabbit. Thanks for the updates! You're awesome.

a boring sparrow said...

Marshall sayes the rabbit will die before then.:(