Monday, August 6, 2007


Taylor and I went to get coffee/Italian Cream soda today and then went to Antiques on the Square to shop their vintage clothing. Immediately, we ran into Aunt Deb and Kelsey Laitinen who were doing the same thing we were. We looked around for a bit and then started with the clothes. They had so many good things there, and just when we thought we were done, we saw another one to test out and photograph. The above pictures are the highlights, minus the 50's bathing suit in blue that I bought for $12. Taylor looked so great in everything. I especially loved this fantastic rose colored crepe dress on her. What fun we had!
Later this evening, we went to Laura's for yoga class. It was Mom B., Kris, Sarah, Taylor and I. We worked up a sweat. I always find myself renewed by the experience. To do yoga (or other activities) with those you know is interesting because although you aren't talking to eachother, it's bonding. For this reason, I've enjoyed the class more than I normally would have, rather than being with a bunch of people I don't know. It's good for me to challenge myself while being with people who will not compete with me for some unknown prize. It's grace in action- working side by side without the burdens of comparison. A challenge to be in that "place" of aiming towards being fully present in the moment , not allowing the mind to wander into useless thoughts.
I'm relaxed and need rest desperatly. Goodnight.

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