Saturday, September 29, 2007


Marshall was loving on Nigel yesterday morning.
He said that Nigel was the best brother ever.
I said, "What about Stewart?"
He said, "He's a little less enticing."
Then, "What does "enticing" mean?"
He had it! The appropriate word for his thought. Even still, he had to check.
It makes me wonder how much he's understanding... what he's really getting? We know that he picks up things quickly. You've heard, children are, "like a sponge".
That developing brain of his... it's peicing hundreds of puzzles together every day.
When he asks things that he already knows, time and again, it's not that he didn't hear it, or give those words and thoughts a "place" in his brain. It's that paths are being created in there.
So I want to remember to be patient with him.
At 5, he's developing!
Maps are being drawn, new lands explored, boundaries founded, and the universe is being unwrapped.
I want to remember that great things are happening.
I want to remember that beauty is all around.
I want to remember to breathe and take it in.


Uncle Mut said...

It sounds like YOU are making a lot of connections as well. : ) "Less enticing"...that's great, although I'd have to disagree with him. Stewart and Nigel are equally enticing.

rvree said...

Thanks for reading to the bottom. I equally love reading about your days and your insights into your boys and yourself. I check the blog every morning to make sure I didn't miss a late night entry from the night before. PS - I put up tonight's pictures on flickr & there are some cute ones of your boys.

JR said...

That is great, I can't wait until Finn starts saying a little of what he is picking up