Sunday, September 16, 2007

turning 30

My younger brother just turned 30 on Saturday. I reflected on how turing 30 was a really good time for me but how turning 31 was hard- mostly because of the realization that 40 is the next "big one" mixed with the flabby arm thing that has just happened!
But, I'm glad to be where I'm at in life. And I'm thankful (especially now that the kids are asleep).
Mom made a spagetti dinner for Dave and I made a cake. The middle didn't bake and fell right out, so we had to fill it with ice cream. It was my donut cake and it was yummier with the flaws. Dave and Amy joined us later for a fire at our newly built fire pit that Mike and the kids dug up that day. We stayed up late, enjoying the warmth of the fire, beer and good conversation.
Besides that, I enjoyed hanging out with the "girls" from Redeemer at Renata Jackson's home. Shannon and I shared the most comfortable bed while enjoying that Nigel and Georgia K. had their own beds too. Swimming in the heated outdoor pool on Friday night was super fun.
Friends, Kyle and Cindy's enchilada dinner was amazing and complete with Sangria and many good friends.

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boringdaddy said...


I love your picture with Nigel. You are so beautiful.