Monday, September 24, 2007

masterpeice in a day (within 24 hrs)

Saturday was "Masterpeice in a Day" in Fountain Square. I participated, showing up at 9:30 am. I left proptly at 10 for Marshall's soccer game, returning by 11:30 and working a bit before my family came to visit me. Marshall had skinned his elbow on the walk over, and Nigel was hysterical, wanting to be fed. I saw them home and didn't return to my art until 1:30 or so.
My art piece did not get finished. Submitting it for the competition was out of the question. That was ok with me though. I felt good about meeting what needs my family had and still being able to have a place among other artists. Short periods of quiet creativity was just what I needed. It made me excited about my work again.
My art is still not complete. There are several "finishing touches" needed. According to my friends, it could still be considered a masterpeice in a day if I define the "a day" part as being 24 hours. I believe we should go with that!
Aren't they gracious?


Bruce said...

I has been super to hear comments about MiD. I really loved that event in FS. It was always so fun and inspiring to see so many people around FS and making art that! thanks again for giving us a peace of art to bring with.

Bruce said...

i can't really spell or type. mmmm!