Monday, September 10, 2007

shots and fishermen

It was back to school this morning! Marshall is collecting "B's" today. If he sees a "B" he has to get pocket notebook out and has to write it like he learned it during his morning work time. This gives him a "break" by not making him do frustrating repetative work but gives him the chance to practice it througout the day. He gets a teeny tiny candy (a pariel) for each letter he "collects".
He did "Domino Math" this afternoon, writing the number on each side of the domino and then adding them together. He LOVED it. He also loved counting on his "new" used abacus.
So, our scheduled Nature Walk was shortened to a Nature Picnic because Nigel had a doctor's appointment. He got three shots. Poor fella! After his appointment, we went to Eagle Creek Reservoir's boat ramp and ate our picnic lunch on the dock. We watched two fishermen putting their boats in the water and a group of ducks. Afterwards, Marshall and Stewart enjoyed throwing rocks in the water along the shore.

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Uncle Mut said...

It sounds like you're a FANTASTIC teacher! Good work. The best "wisdom" anyone ever told me about teaching was that you (as the teacher) don't have to hit a homerun every day. Keep that in mind. Some days will be awesome--some days will be doubtful--and a bunch will be in between.
You're doing great!
Love you, and miss you all,